Meet Nona Black:


Nona Black is an entrepreneur at heart and has successfully built her own companies since she was 23. Nona has a real knack for business from how it works, to starting and running an organization from the ground up. Nona has worked and gained valuable experience in many industries including public relations, communications, sales, marketing, and even the fashion industry. Nona also has plans of pursuing future entrepreneurial endeavors.

Nona attended Nottingham University, located in Nottingham England from 2006-2009. She graduated from a BA in studied Social and Cultural Studies in hopes of one day becoming a journalist and and anchor-woman. For her final year thesis, Nona wrote a dissertation on the Transnational Analysis of Television News: The Implications of Obama’s victory. She simultaneously recorded and translated TV news footage from the British BBC, American Fox News, Japanese NHK, Saoudi Al Arabya and French TF1 to study the difference in language, vocabulary and culture that each network and country choose to portray Obama’s victory. Her conclusion are, as philosopher Roland Barthes once explained, that language by its limitations in vocabulary is in itself a cultural confinement that shapes reality. For example, the Eskimo have over 50 words to describe what in English is “Snow”, therefore the signification of the word “snow” in English will never be as concise as the Eskimos by the limitations of language. Broadening that concept, Nona studied the limitations of language used to describe Obama’s victory in news reports.

What’s Next For Nona Black:

Nona plans to return to the United States and begin her own Fashion line in New York City. What better place to learn and develop her fashion oriented skills than the Big Apple. Nona dreams of designing and creating her own fashion line. She is currently preparing her very own Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections to enter into competitions and solidify her name as a contender within the industry. The collections will focus on practical, classy, and chic professional work clothing.

Nona draws her inspiration from fashion icons like Tara Jarmon, Victoria Beckham who consistently bridge the gap between a designer, visionary and a savvy business woman. With Nona’s business background and early introduction into high fashion, she plans to emulate the fashion idol as much as possible.

More Information on Nona Black:

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