Welcome back for another entrepreneurial and business based article. If you’ve taken a look at my other articles, presentations, and websites you probably have seen that I think of myself as being quite business savvy. I love to read up on new ways to increase productivity, remain focused even at 3:00pm, and generally excel each day work. The post you will read below is another helpful, quick read on how to be the best entrepreneur you can be, because the more you know, the more you can accomplish. Enjoy and please feel free to share!

Take Risks:

When you decided to pursue your dreams, quitting your job, and striking out on your own, you took a risk. Most people don’t have that strength and fortitude, so in a sense you’ve already completed the hardest step. Don’t be afraid of making calculated risks over the course of your business because they will give you help you learn even more and could prove to be extremely beneficial for you and your business.

Use Quora:

If you’ve never heard of Quora, you should definitely look into creating an account like yesterday. This social platform allows you to follow blogs, topics, profiles, and questions on specific niche topics. You can ask questions on anything and even share your own answers to other people’s questions. Answering questions helps solidify your authority on different topics and aids you in building a following. Social networking and user interaction on social profiles is a big factor in growing your business. You can find my profile on Quora by clicking here.

Cold Email:

Don’t be afraid to cold email anyone and everyone. Sending out emails on news stories and updates with your business to loyal or new customers will help grow your company and solidify your brand name in the customer’s mind. You will become their first and last provider for whatever goods/services you are providing.

Use a Journal:

Some of the greatest minds in history have been known to write down all their thoughts in a journal so they never forgot a great idea. It didn’t matter if it was during the middle of the day or middle of the night, these brilliant people would always have a pen and paper near by so they could cement their ideas in ink to come back to later. Yes, some of the ideas were probably a little out there, but where would we be without some of the mind-bending books, movies, and other entertainment we currently consume so much of. Check out this article from Supercompressor on brilliant people and their thought journals: http://www.supercompressor.com/tech/9-creativity-hacks-geniuses-use.

Network Like a Boss:

Stay connected and be up-to-date on networking events that you can attend. Be sure to stay in touch with alumni and professors from your college or university, join LinkedIn, and look up local meet-ups in your home city. Networking allows you to share valuable information on your business with others, meet new people, seek out investors, and more. Make sure you have your elevator pitch nailed down.


Thank you for reading!

Nona Black