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Starting a Small Business

businessStarting a small business can be quite an experience. There is so much going on that it can be hard to keep everything straight and staying focused. One of the major goals you should have if you choose to set up your own small business is to lay out the rules and expectations as early on in the process as you can. The last thing you want is a tumultuous relationship with employees or have minor systematic breakdowns which will slow down your business processes and overall growth. I have taken the liberty of listing out some of the most important things you need to accomplish when getting your small business off the ground and moving forward. Enjoy!

Set Team Expectations:

In your company the whole employee base is one big team. All employees must work together cohesively if the business will ever succeed. The whole system is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Be sure to be extra clear with employees that they need to work together and there are expectations of them and strong accountability for their actions. You should always make sure everyone is on the same page and that employees are understanding and okay with the processes that are set in place.

Managing Without and Ego:

Always keep a level head and never go on a power trip. What do I mean by powertrip? Never feel that you as the owner and boss are entitled to take shortcuts, take frustrations out on employees, or treat others as though they are beneath you. Always keep a calm and level head, and your employees will recognize it. People are more likely to relate to someone on their level rather than the one of the pedestal.

Clear Process:

Having a clear and understood process of events and ideas is what helps a business run efficiently and effectively, while promoting growth and innovation. No one in your small business should be left in the dark on how to accomplish a certain goal or be lost in terms of finding specific information. There needs to be easy to use and understand processes of events that will sure the company thrives with you at the helm.

Create an Unbreakable Foundation:

Everything starts somewhere, and for your business that place is the foundation. A strong foundation is said to be able to help whatever grows on top of it withstand any adversity. Make sure from the very beginning that what you are growing and changing has a targeted direction and there is sound data and information backing up why you are doing what you are, where you plan to be, and everything else in between. Create an unbreakable foundation before moving on to anything else to ensure success and prosperity.

Getting Feedback:

For many small business owners it is their first time managing their own company or people in general. Sometimes a first time boss can accidently turn a blind eye to certain things going on. This is something that naturally happens, but a great tactic to help combat unseen variables is by encouraging open, honest, and frank communication between employees and boss. Employees should feel comfortable going to a boss with ideas for change and not intimidated by authority titles or fear of resistance.

Hope you enjoyed part one of tips for starting a small business. Be sure to check back again soon for more.


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